İngilizce dersi 4. sınıf 5. ünite konularını içeren etkinliklerle ilgili oyunları içeren oyunlar bulunmaktadır. Hangi oyunu oynamak istiyorsanız, ilgili resme tıklayın.

Language Skills and Learning Outcomes


E4.5.L1. Students will be able to understand the general and specific information in a short, oral text about daily routines.

E4.5.L2. Students will be able to recognize the time in a short oral text.


E4.5.S1. Students will be able to talk about their daily routines.

E4.5.S2. Students will be able to talk about the time.

Functions & Useful Language

Talking about daily routines

I wake up in the morning.

I have breakfast with my mother and

brother on Sundays.

I meet my friends at school.

I go to the playground in the afternoon.

I go shopping with my mom on


I do my homework.

I go to bed at night.

Making simple inquiries

What do you do at noon?

—I have lunch at school.

What do you do in the afternoon?

—I watch TV at home.

Telling the time and days

What time is it?

days of the week

at noon/night

in the morning/afternoon

—It’s 7 o’clock/12 o’clock/3 o’clock.

do homework

get dressed

go …

… shopping

… to the playground

… to bed

… to school

have …

… a shower

… breakfast/lunch/dinner

meet friends

wake up


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